We’re on Bloomingdales!



Finally we’re on Bloomingdales! Products are selling fast and we’re about to ship the repeat order. Keep your fingers crossed! Sold out pieces are not on the website anymore, but we’re replenishing as fast as we can. Click the link to check out what’s still available: http://www1.bloomingdales.com/buy/hudson-and-kings


Live on Kickstarter

Live on Kickstarter !
It’s wonderful to see how people reach out to “creativity” .
We are getting publicity opportunities globally.  Our first article will be by an Israeli magazine called Nisha (when googling) which mean Niche.
Can’t wait to post the article written in Hebrew ! Such a thrill !!!

Glimpse of history

Built in 1923 as the Newburgh Savings Bank & currently Karpeles Manuscript Library Museum. Beeeeeeautiful main floor with 35 ft ceiling.  Perfect for Hudson Valley wedding venue ?



Loooove the humongous steel safe door in gunmetal color on main floor & rust on old walk-in safe in the basement.  Army green metal drawers….. just beautiful in sight.



Can you tell how old this is ?  People used to write things back then.  Grateful for the opportunity to witness the history in the neighbor.



In the city, I couldn’t help but notice the One57 building. Since it stands over 1000 feet above Central Park, it’s hard for anyone to miss. Personally, I’d be afraid to live in a 90 story residential, it’s probably just me.

It’s nicknamed the “The Billionaire Building” for a good reason – no one else could afford to live there! Early last year, one of the penthouses closed for over $100 million. It was the most expensive apartment ever sold in NYC.

Costs like that are why I’m escaping the city!


Where It’s Warm


Warmth is feeling that so much more than just not being cold; it’s feeling content, comfortable, and relaxed.

In the city, I found comfort inside of Warm, a curated lifestyle boutique that strives to find items that create a feeling of – you guessed it – warmth. It quickly became one of my new favorite shops.


Located In NoLita, Warm carries all kinds of lifestyle items, from housewares to clothing. Along with the beautiful items, I loved the setup of this shop. The wooden rustic floors and vintage looking dark, printed wallpaper showed off the bohemian and ethnic-inspired products.

The Bridges


For a lot of people, bridges are a source of anxiety – traffic, traffic, and more traffic. But when you think of a bridge as something that brings you home, it’s less stressful and more comforting.


The city has been my home for many years, and the bridges allow me to get back to my roots. There’s something familiar, almost sentimental, about driving over the bridges into Brooklyn. It’s something I’ve done countless times.


The sight itself is something special. The view in particular is a two in one – Manhattan and Brooklyn, Work and Home.


Industry City

I miss my studio in Sunset Park, Brooklyn.

Working long and busy hours, the extremely graphic, graffiti ridden lobby helped      wake me up.


The hallway of my old Industry City studio. I used to occupy one of these spaces!

My studio, your sponge.

Artists want to share their work, but not their tools. I can’t blame them, though.

My reverse commute to Newburgh starts!