FSEA Silver Leaf Award

Guess what?  We have some thrilling news…

We are  up to our elbows in embossing projects, and now more than ever before… because of our Silver Leaf Award from the FSEA!


Each year, the Foil and Specialty Effects Association (FSEA) gives awards for the best use of embossing and foil techniques in graphic arts.  Their annual awards showcase the best use of specialty effects in the industry from companies all over the world.  When our mold making company received our samples for the leather embossed “4 Bridges” cushion cover, they suggested that we submit our design.  With no previous knowledge of the contest but a good feeling about the design, we submitted… and placed!  Hudson and Kings received the Silver Leaf Award in the category for “Most Creative Use of Foil & Embossing”.  We are so pleased to have our design featured on the FSEA’s website.

Thank you to our company and to the FSEA for this award, and congratulations to all the winners!


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